Welcome Earthlings!
This podcast finds Clyborn & Chloe hosting yet again another WNY band. They're hanging out in Niagara Falls, NY and welcome into the studio...BARRY DiGREGORIO & LINDA KING from the band...ROAD TO AZURE! They play tunes from a sampler disc they bring in and play some tunes live in "The Kitchen" for everyone's listening pleasure.
Other WNY artists/bands featured are...10,000 Maniacs, Whiskey Reverb, The Ditch Diggers, Johnny Soul w/ Denzel Ward, Freeman, Hit N Run and The Bravuras.
Plus...A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, Cheech & Chong and the Cock Cleanser 3000.
Hope you enjoy this exclusive podcast from "America's WNY Music Connection!".   Available 24/7.

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Greetings Earthlings!
This new podcast finds Clyborn & Chloe at Chloe's digs in Canoga Park, CA. It seems that they haven't broadcast from there since last Fall's about time.
This show C & C bring in MIKE CASINELLI & BILLY ROOT from the WNY band THE CRADLE! This is their 2nd visit to the show. They play some cuts from their CD that have never been played on the show before. They also play some tunes live in "The Kitchen". Since their drummer couldn't make the interview, Clyborn sits in on drums. That's right, Clyborn! So, this is a first for the show...don't miss it!
Other WNY bands/artists featured are...Del Rivers & The Electric Cowboys, The Road, The Rod Nickson Project, Jim Candytree, Appleby, Reinhardt & Mahfoud and The Willie May Band.
Plus...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question and Zoolander.
This is brought to you by "The World's WNY Music Connection".

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Hello Earthlings!
This weeks podcast has Clyborn & Chloe back at Clyborn's digs in San Francisco, CA. They welcome ISAAK HYDE & JAKE BUTCHER of the Buffalo, NY band...THE BLACK HATS! Isaak & Jake sit on the "Couch Of Truth" and chat about themselves and their music. They also play some choice cuts off of a new live CD sampler they just recorded.
Other WNY bands/artists featured are...10,000 Maniacs, Carina & The 6-String Preacher, Difecta, Bruce Shaffstall, The Mobile Hot Spots, The Skiffle Minstrels, and the Danny Lynn Wilson Acoustic Band.
Plus...A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, Asswipes and the new C & C Show "Crew" T-Shirt...

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Hello Earthlings!
Welcome to another wonderful fun filled podcast featuring some of your favorite WNY artists and bands.
Clyborn & Chloe welcome the talented BOB LEE "in studio" as a special "Guest Host". BOB LEE has been a fixture on the Niagara County club scene. He has been known mostly for his work with The Bob Lee Trio and The Graveyard Boogie Band. He helps C & C out around the station and does back announcing, plus he helps on "Weird Penis Stories" and other assorted goodies.
This mad trio play music from these WNY bands/artists...Natalie Merchant, Big Delicious, The Rod Horning Project, God's Children, The Bob Lee Trio, Sweatin' Like Nixon and Blueshift.
Plus...Guess The Movie!", Fairy Tale Theatre w/ Little Red Riding Hood, A Fan Asks Bob Lee A Question, Weird Penis Stories and Looseners' Castor Oil Flakes.
Don't miss this podcast that is soon to be a classic on America's WNY Music Connection.

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Greetings Earthlings!
This week's podcast has Clyborn & Chloe serving up a heaping helping of WNY music. They feature bands/artists such as...
Natalie Merchant, Pappy John's Band, Forever Green, The Headers, Taylor Made Jazz, The Groovin' Saloonatics, The Mick Hayes Band, Soul Alignment and Son Of The Sun.
Plus goodies like...The Blues News, A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, Fairy Tale Theater Featuring Pinocchio, Harry Block, "Tropical Excess Tour" T-Shirts and Leroy Jones.
Listen to "America's WNY Music Connection" and support your local music!!!

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Hello Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe return to the Beat Niagara headquarters in Niagara Falls, NY with a show that defies description, but I will try anyway...
C & C thought would be fitting to have not one guest host for their return to WNY, but two! The multi-talented Joe Mombrea and the ultra-talented Mike Geandreau join C & C on the "Couch Of Truth" and help out with this monumental show. They also play tunes from their 2 compilation albums entitled MAD HATTER.
There is also an awesome interview with Niagara County band...TRUE GRAVITY. BILL FORTIER, GREG NICOL, BUD MAYER and BOB WOODCOCK come "in studio" and spill their guts all over the studio floor! They also play some choice cuts off of their CD. Mark down another great interview for C & C!
On top of all that, this podcast is an All ACOUSTIC SHOW that features the talents of these WNY artists...Natalie Merchant, Terry McMahon, Jamie Holka, Michael Faltyn and Joe Bellanti. They all serve up an acoustic example of musical perfection.
Plus...Butz Beer, Harry Block and Weird Penis Stories.
Don't miss this very special show on America's WNY Music Connection!

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Aloha Earthlings!
Welcome to the 10th and final installment of Clyborn & Chloe's "Tropical Excess Tour". This week they rap up their tour by stopping off at Kona Village on the Big Island of Hawaii!
Along with a sailboat full of Mai Tais and tropical fruit, they serve up a catamaran full of Western NY music. Bands/artists such as...Natalie Merchant, Average At Best, Irregardless, High Horse, Del Rivers & Friends, Russ Vesci, The Albrights and Talas.
Plus...Guess The Movie!, "Tropical Excess Tour" T-Shirts & G-Strings, The Jerky Boys, Fairy Tale Theater w/ Sleeping Beauty & Chloe's "Origin Of Sayings".
This is America's WNY music connection!!!... ALOHA!!!!

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Greetings Earthlings!
This week's Clyborn & Chloe show is far from average. This show is podcast from the island of Viti Levu in the Figian Islands. It is the 9th tropical destination in C & C's "Tropical Excess Tour".
The weather is perfect and the beach is packed at Pacific Harbor Beach!
This show features FRANK THOMPSON, JOHN TRAPASSO, BILL FORTIER, KEN JOHNSON and BOB WOODCOCK of THE MOBILE HOTSPOTS! They are an up an coming Niagara County band that is making it's 2nd visit to the "Couch Of Truth". The 1st time they were on was 11-13-15, but they didn't play live "in studio". This time, they play live in "The Dungeon". It has to be heard to be believed!
Other WNY artists/bands featured are...Natalie Merchant, Carina & The 6-String Preacher, Ajamaja, The Jim Wynne Band, Patty Parks, The Mombrea Brothers and The Low Road Revival.
Plus..."A Fan Asks Chloe A Question", The C&C Show G-String, The Walmart Slide Whistle and A Monty Python Moment.
Clyborn & Chloe and everyone at the Beat Niagara would like to dedicate this show to Bill Paxton who passed away the day of production. R.I.P.

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Hello Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe arrived in Fiji early this morning. They then took a small four seater to the island of Taveuni. It is the 3rd largest island in the island nation of Fiji. Here is the 8th installment of C & C's "Tropical Excess Tour".
We find our heroes in the middle of another tropical thunderstorm. On top of that, Clyborn ate some bad airline food and Chloe has terrible jet lag. But, they persevere like the true professionals they are and deliver another knockout podcast presented by The Beat Niagara...America's WNY Music Connection!
They offer up a classic interview from Buffalo's own Chris Squier that was originally aired on 5-30-13. Chris is truely a gifted singer songwriter. If you've never heard of him, or have never heard this interview...don't miss it! It probably will never be broadcast again.
Other WNY artists/bands featured are...Natalie Merchant, Sweatin' Like Nixon, The Wakos, J.J. Swing w/ Joe Mombrea, Hooks & Halos, Cashier Smile and The Grace Stumberg Band.
Plus...The "Origins Of Sayings" and Fishmaster Brew.
Craznor signing out.

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Greetings Earthlings!

Come join Clyborn & Chloe on their "Tropical Excess Tour". This will be their 7th island in as many weeks. This week's location is on the island of Efate (Sandwich Island) in the Vanuatu island chain.
This is also the 7th Anniversary show. That's right! Seven years of America's WNY Music Connection...The Clyborn & Chloe Show!
This show features a smorgasbord of WNY music, humor, and things that go splash.
This weeks WNY artists/bands are...Natalie Merchant, Panic Switch, Ron LoCurto, The Danny Lynn Wilson Band, God's Children, 007, The Dave Constantino Band, The Rod Nickson Project and Patty Parks.
Plus kooky favorites such as...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, The Blues News, The Walmart Slide Whistle, C & C Bumper Stickers, The Uranus Corp., and C & C's Fairy Tale Theater w/ Snow White!
So, pull up a beach chair, grab a boat drink, and settle in for a real tropical getaway with Clyborn & Chloe on America's WNY Music Connection!!!

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