Aloha Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe remain in Hawaii for another week on this show. This time they are on the island of Kauai at the Waimea Plantation Cottages. They feature an unbelievable interview from one of the most unbelievable WNY hard rock bands...DIRTY VERNON!!! That's right, you heard right...DIRTY VERNON!!! JIM DAILEY, ERIC OWEN, DAN BURKHALTER and JEREMY PATTERSON visit for the first time since they were last on the show back on 6-5-15. They sit on the "Couch Of Truth" and are grilled by C & C, but that's not what's so special. What's special, is that they play in the Beat Niagara "Dungeon". Dirty Vernon will be known as the first band to play in "The Dungeon" and perform there live "in studio" during the actual interview! This interview is an instant classic and is not to be missed!
Aside from all this excitement, C & C manage to play all of this cool WNY music...10,000 Maniacs, Dark Eyes 55, Tapered Creek, Del Rivers & The Venus Fly Trappers, JJ Swing w/ Joe Mombrea and God's Children.
Plus...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, The Walmart Slide Whistle, A Polka Dot G String and California Hot Tub Rectal Gonorrhea.
So, there you go...this is the 2nd installment of Clyborn & Chloe's 2017 "Tropical Excess Tour"...hope you enjoy!!!

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Aloha Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe begin their 10 week "Tropical Excess Tour". So, of course the tour starts off in Honolulu, Hi. on Waikiki Beach! C & C have a booth right on the beach next to The Royal Hawaiian Hotel!
Between assorted tropical "boat drinks", they manage to feature a classic interview with the classic Buffalo blues band...THE BRAVURAS!!! JOHN PUCCIO, JOHN HUFFORD & FELIX MAYER sit on the "Couch Of Truth" and tell all about themselves and their musical careers. They also play a few tunes live for everyone. This is a classic interview that originally aired on 11-22-12 and can only be heard here!
Clyborn & Chloe also play these choice WNY artists/bands... Isaak Hyde, Peter Vincent, Sic Sin, Flyin' Blind Blues Band, Dave Thurman, Black Heart Suicide, Harvey & The Hurricaines and Weekend.
Plus...A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, A Monty Python Moment, Humpbacks, Tropical Itches and Sex On The Beach!

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This is the podcast where Clyborn & Chloe look back at 2016 and talk about all the people, bands and artists they have encountered. They also look back on all the different "Survivor" locations they visited and finally Chloe reports on all the famous people that have passed away in the last year...and believe me, there where a bushel basket full!
Aside from all that...this will be Clyborn & Chloe's last podcast from the Continental US as they prepare to embark on a 10 week tropical odyssey!
WNY artists/bands featured are...10,000 Maniacs, Queen City Riot, Tiny Music, Jack Civiletto & Mark Coughlin, When Friends Come Out To Play, Low Road Revival, Lady Lush & The Vinyls and Sweatin' Like Nixon.
Plus...The Blues News, Fairy Tale Theater, Disco Hotline, Tom Thumb and Yiddishco.
Clyborn Yates & Chloe Bravada would like wish all our listeners a happy and prosperous New Year!!!!

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Merry Christmas Earthlings!
Welcome to Clyborn & Chloe's annual Christmas podcast!
This year C & C welcome CHUCK DEROSE & JEANNINE BOWER to help knock back some eggnog and light the yule log!
WNY artists/bands featuring Xmas music are...Natalie Merchant, The Headers, Michael Faltyn, Ray Wood & Darrell Porter.
Plus other artists featuring Xmas music...Eddie Money w/ Ronnie Spector, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, The Moody Blues and Jethro Tull.
And...Rod Serling, The Vienna Boys Choir, The Littlest Xmas Tree, The Elves & The Shoemaker, Guess That Movie!, Fans Ask Everyone Personal Questions, Shoplifting At The A&P, The Walmart Slide Whistle and Clyborn's Polka Dot G-String.

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Greetings Earthlings!
Craznor reporting on this weeks Clyborn & Chloe Show podcast.
This week they feature a classic interview from one of WNY's premier rock bands...STEELHORSE! This interview originally aired on 9-20-12. They play some live stuff from one of their shows and they also play live during the interview. This is a classic interview that should not be missed!
Other WNY bands/artists featured are...10,000 Maniacs, The Bravuras, Tapered Creek, Tommy & The TwoTones, Del Rivers & The Electric Cowboys, Forever Green and Luke Hall & The Lower Mnt. Boys.
Plus...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, The Walmart Slide Whistle, Dicken's Cider, Clyborn's Polka Dot G-String.
Please listen to the Universe's WNY Music Connection...
Craznor signing out!

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Greetings Earthlings!
This new podcast is very music intensive. It has more WNY music in it per second than any other podcast in the world!
WNY music like...Natalie Merchant, Darrell Carr, The Frank Grizanti Band, The Rod Nickson Project, Average At Best, The Headers, Seconds Out (with Joe Mombrea) and The Terra Nova Band...the list goes on and on and if that isn't enuff...Clyborn & Chloe dug up these jewels fer ya...A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, Yolanda Yates, The Pond Bowl with the Green Kaboonga, The Walmart Slide Whistle, Clyborn's Polka Dot G-String, Guess That Movie, "Dave" and Cinderella...
All of this and much listen to the planet's only WNY music connection.

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Greetings Earthlings!
This weeks' podcast features the return of David Thurman. His first visit to the show was on 3-18-16. He returns for another round of intensive questioning by Clyborn & Chloe on the "Couch Of Truth". He also plays some tunes live in the newly refurbished "Kitchen". A great time was had by all... and I don't think this will be Dave's last visit to the show. This is a do-not-miss interview!
Other WNY artists/ bands featured are...Natalie Merchant, Mr. Conrad, The Rod Horning Project, Reflector and Bass Reeves.
Plus...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, The Walmart Slide Whistle & Apple House.

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Greetings Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe continue their Western New York residency with a new podcast direct from Niagara Falls, NY.
This week they feature a NEW interview with WNY artist ISAAK HYDE formerly of the band Duke & Hyde. He comes in studio and sits on the "Couch Of Truth and tells all about his life in music. He also brings in some new original songs that he has written for everyone's listening pleasure.
Other WNY artists/bands featured are...Natalie Merchant, Del Rivers, The WAKOS, Roadtrip and The Lower Town Trio.
Plus...Clyborn Asks Chloe A Personal Question and Naked Boy!
So, tune in and listen to America's WNY Music Connection!!!

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Hello Earthlings!
Clyborn & Chloe continue their New York residency and also continue to deliver top notch WNY music...exclusively!
This new show features a classic interview from the classic Buffalo band...SIC SIN! This interview originally aired on 8-30-12 and is definitely worth another listen even if you've already heard it.
Other WNY bands/artists featured are...Danny Lynn Wilson, Bass Reeves (live), Soul Alignment, The Bravuras and Vision Reset.
Plus...A Fan Asks Clyborn A Question, The American Safety Institute, Clyborn & Chloe's Matching Leopard G-Strings and U62.
If all of this isn't enough...this is CHLOE'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!!
So, tune in to America's WNY Music Connection.

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Hello Earthlings!
Imagine, if you will, a podcast where all you will hear is WNY music...nothing but WNY music! Well, you found it...this is it...The Clyborn & Chloe Show!
This new show features a plethora of WNY bands/artists such as... Natalie Merchant, Randle & The Late Night Scandals, Sweatin' Like Nixon, The Grace Stumberg Band, When Friends Come Out To Play, Irregardless and The Graveyard Boogie Band.
Plus goodies like...The Blues News, A Fractured Fairy Tale, A Monty Python Moment, A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, Clyborn's Leopard G-String, Dick Whittington, A Walmart Slide Whistle and Plots R Us.
So, come and join C & C at The Beat Niagara headquarters in Niagara Falls, NY and listen to the "Worlds' WNY Music Connection"...The Clyborn & Chloe Show!

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