Since Clyborn and Chloe are STILL on's another classic show that they've pulled out of the vaults for your listening enjoyment...
This is show #113 which originally aired on 5-31-12.
It features an excellent interview from Niagara Fall's best hip hop band...SOUL ALIGNMENT.
There is lots of other WNY music featured such as...10,000 Maniacs, The Albrights, The Mombrea Brothers & Sisters (live), Son Of The Sun and The Headers.
Plus...Clyborn's Used Banana Sack, Blunky, Cheech & Chong, Stupid Emails and Marijuana!

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Chloe and I are vacationing in Hawaii right now, so here's a classic show for you to enjoy while we're gone.
This show is #87. It first aired on 12-1-11. It is podcast from my bungalow in San Francisco, CA. and features a great interview from The Albrights. They talk about their origins and also play a couple tunes live "in studio".
Other goodies featured are...The Philadelphia Police League For Retarded Children, The Thumb Bundy G-String, Peanut Butter Milkshakes, Ricky Bobby and A Monty Python Moment.

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Clyborn and Chloe are on vacation, so here is a classic show to tide you over.
It's show #101 that originally aired 3-8-12.
It had the 1st interview by Joe Mombrea on it.
Plus...Tommy & The Two Tones, Jack Civiletto & Mark Coughlin, Ron LoCurto & The Reinhardts and Talas.
Plus...A Movie Of The Week, Harry Block, The Jerky Boys and Thumb Bundy's Dirty Underwear.

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What up Dudes & Dudettes!?
Tune in to this ultra groovy edition of The Clyborn Yates Show!
Guitar phenom Chuck DeRose is featured as the ultra groovy "guest-host". Jeannine Bowers appears out of nowhere as the ultra groovy Lots of cool and groovy things are done like...a cool and groovy movie of the week and then there's like 3 fans that ask Chuck personal questions and he answers them! Then Clyborn, Chloe, Chuck and Jeannine tell you all about all the different ways men have injured their penises in the past year. Shocking! No, really I'm serious...then Chuck tells everyone a little story about a female singer at a casino gig...well, you just gotta listen for yourself.
Other stuff that will blow your mind...The New Cyborn Yates T-Shirt, Johnny Slushmeyer, Tree Frog Beer, Hump Me, Dickin's Cider.
Dude, I almost forgot to tell you...they play other WNY bands too like...10,000 Maniacs, Russ Vesci, Ron LoCurto, High Horse and Crashfuse!
So, spark a fatty and dig this most ultra groovy episode of The Clyborn Yates Show!

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Hello Earthlings!
This is Chloe's Bravada's birthday show! Join Clyborn in celebrating her birthday in San Francisco, CA with an excellent interview with the uber talented CHRIS BORGATTI! He opens up about his past, present and future. Plus, he plays a couple tunes live "in studio" for your listening enjoyment.
Lots more WNY music is also featured such as...Natalie Merchant, Chris Squier, The Dave Constantino Band, The Observers, The Rod Nickson Project and The Children.
All this and more, such as...A Fan Asks Chloe A Question, Mental Hospitals, Can A Match Burn Twice?, and Chloe's Birthday Quote Of The Day.
So come and show Chloe some love and send her some birthday wishes by listening to this great show.

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